Tao Design | Kaveh Saffari


Webdesign & Development

It started as a hobby when I was learning basic programming languages & designing websites has become one of my favorite yet serious hobbies.


Capturing the moments of life when the beauty or meaning behind the scenery reveals itself It's been a learning process since 2006, see some of my works at Kaveh Saffari's Photography


Watching my older brother type in weird symbols as a child & wondering if it was an alien language he'd somehow picked up in one of his adventures... & now here I am...


The Bereavement of two of my dearest ones opened a path of awareness & led me to Homoeopathy. It's been a path full of awe & fascination about boundaries of humanity. Homoeopathy has saved my life, has given meaning to it & has taught me everything I needed to know to be the one I am.

ESL/EFL & Teacher Training

Growing up a trilingual of English, Farsi & Azeri helped me realize how important & fun languages are & made me learn more languages. For the last 5 years I've been mainly working as an ESL/EFL instructor & TESOL teacher trainer.

Cycling & Hiking

There's nowhere else in the world that I long to be at any moment of my life than being in the pure intact nature... It's the only place where I feel at home and can really be myself...