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Web Design and Front-end Development

I specialise in creating bespoke personal portfolio sites and small company websites.

Web Design and Front-end Development

Since 2006  ·  Kaveh Saffari

I specialise in creating bespoke personal portfolio sites and small company websites. Tailored to showcasing your products/services successfully online. I design lightweight, optimized and responsive websites which are clean and the content/information in it can be easily accessed by the visitor.

I'm Kaveh, a freelance website designer living in Turkey...
I make wonderful professional websites for a fraction of money companies offer... — Kaveh Saffari, Tao Design

I'm Small, Agreeable - and I'll provide a lot more than just web design. Preparing, editing and optimizing the content, designing logos-company business cards and any photogtaphy work needed are just a few of the whole lot of assistance that I usually provide.

Wordpress and CMS Development

Q. Why WordPress?
A. Because just like Freedom, WordPress is Free.

Wordpress and CMS Development

Since 2007  ·  Kaveh Saffari

Whether it is a simple retouch job or a complete creation of a site from scratch, all this can be done at a very appealing price.

I will create a custom web design based on WordPress to meet your needs and fit the budget.

I offer a full package service; custom WordPress design, creating search-engine friendly content, photography if needed and all the graphic work. You wouldn’t have to look for any external help.

Besides I offer all of these in 4 Languages: English, Turkish, Farsi and German.

Send me an email with the idea you have in mind Send Mail

Whether it is a simple retouch job or a complete creation of a site from scratch, all this can be done at a very appealing price.— Kaveh Saffari, Tao Design

Why WordPress?
Because just like Freedom, WordPress is Free.

Also WordPress is flexible and is not just for blogging. WordPress has evolved to be one of most reliable content management systems in the world. Currently almost 22% of all the top 10 million websites are powered by WordPress.

With WordPress you can easily take control of your own website content. It's flexible and great for SEO and also very secure.

Adding new features is as easy as clicking a button. WordPress is extendable by themes and plugins. There are hundreds of themes and thousands of plugins for almost every imaginable interest.

Whether it is a photography theme, magazine theme, portfolio theme, or an eCommerce theme. A perfect theme is available for every kind of website.


Photography for me is a way of communication, a bridge to fill the gap in the language...


Since 2010  ·  Kaveh Saffari

Photography for me is a way of communication, a bridge to fill the gap in the language, a passion for capturing the moments of the life around me when the beauty or meaning behind the scenery reveals itself to me... and over the years my camera has carried me to some of the most remote and imperiled areas on my side of the globe.

Photography has taught me two things:

  1. If you chase something in life it runs away with the same speed as you run after it...
  2. Truly Being in the Moment reveals all the beauty that there is outside & inside...

So after all of these years I still try to incorporate that sense of curiosity which a child would have with all the wonderment into my photography. I have experiemnted with different styles but I can easily say that I enjoy photographing nature most.

You can check out some of my works here @ Kaveh's Photoblog

Business Card & Logo Design

I will design a sophisticated Corporate Identity that will get the attention of your audience...

Corporate Identity, Business Card & Logo Design

Since 2003  ·  Kaveh Saffari

The image and the impression you leave in the minds of your customers, the diverse publics & future investors is critically important and so this issue should be given the attention it deserves.

What Can I Do to Help?

  • Photography: I provide professional level photography for your products and anything that needs to be presented.
  • Logo Design: I can design the best logo which describes & summarizes the ideals of your business by using strong visuals.
  • Business Cards, Brochures & Catalogues: I do what I can to design unique business cards and brochures, but that’s only so much. I specialize mainly in Web Design, however I know some great graphic designers who I work with to get the job done, so still feel free to get in touch

ESL/EFL English Teaching & Teacher Training

The limits of our language are the limits of our world.

Ludwig Witgenstein

ESL/EFL English Teaching, Teacher Training & Education Coaching

Since 2010  ·  Kaveh Saffari

Growing up in a multilingual family and learning several languages comparatively since my childhood has naturally enabled me to always be in the field of Language learning.

Using my analytical problem-solving skills and my ambition to assist people in taking positive steps in their lives, I extremely enjoy instructing people on their path of learning a new language.

Therefore teaching a class, rather than making me tired, gives me an intense feeling of satisfaction, happiness and energy, enabling me to establish a very fun environment for learning, and to approach every individual on a closer and comforting level.

I first started working professionally as an EFL Instructor in Istanbul, Turkey back in 2010. Becoming aware of the various difficulties students faced in taking on the target language one of which is the mere inverted sentence structure of Turkish and English, I soon began working and developing an analytical-comparitive teaching method which proved to be very helpful with Turkish students. Later in 2013 I took a teacher training course and started working as a TESOL Teacher Trainer.

Teaching students and Training Teachers at the same time made both of the experiences much more deeper and meaningful, since in order not to be the false-prophet and to get the best results I did my best to incorporate the most effective methods-rules in my lessons which made my already highly popular lessons even more effective and fun.

My expertise in this field:

  • Daily & General English: Practical spoken Enlish for everyday use in life & at work
  • Business English and ESP: I had the privilige of working with some of the most distinguished and well-known businessmen in Turkey and through that I've gained valuable experience in Business English and ESP teaching.
  • TOEFL and IELTS Preparation: Preparation for proficiency tests like TOEFL and IELTS have two sides to it; 1-Knowledge of the test 2-Language Skills (Reading, Listening, Speaking & Writing).
    I will help you identify your weaknesses and work towards your goal score.

Simultaneous Interpretation

It's very challenging, it requires accurate & complete translation, orally and at the same rate of speech as the speaker, with only a few seconds of lag time.

Simultaneous Interpretation + Translation

Since 2010  ·  Kaveh Saffari

Back in 2010 when first I was asked by my my student who was a musician and had a show at Turkish National TV (TRT), that if I would be interested in doing simultaneous interpretation in the show for foreign guests and I remember feeling very insecure and asking him if my voice would be broadcasted...

Soon after than all I remember is that I was sitting behind a desk with multiple microphones and earphones... And just like that I started doing simultaneous interpretation and went on interpreting 8 shows for Müziğin Diliyle and earned enormously about this challenging profession and myself as well.